How It All Went Down, a.k.a What The Heck Happened


Many of the people following this blog know exactly what happened to me in such detail it's almost like it happened to them. Well, it did happen to them emotionally, but I'm speaking strictly to the physical. Since there are some of you who don't and since hopefully I'll gain new readers as I go, I figured I should give you a little bit of background so you know where I'm coming from.
I gave birth to my son via c-section after 12 hours of labor, which included 3 hours of pushing. He didn't want to budge. We learned later he was sunny side up (turned the wrong way), the cord was wrapped around his middle several times and his poor head was tilted and ramming into my hip bone. Traumatic moment #1 was when my epidural failed during the c-section and I had to yell PAIN NOT PRESSURE over and over. As soon as the kid was most of the way out, they knocked me all the way out. I literally missed his birth, bummer. But I no longer felt like I was being ripped apart, bonus.
I was good for a day or so before I started having serious abdominal pain which they said was caused by air in my abdomen from the surgery. Long story short, I left the hospital after 7 days bigger than when I walked in to give birth and was timing my pain meds so I'd have time to pick up my prescription and take more pills before the real pain started. Little did I know.
I was home for roughly 15 hours before we called the nice firemen to come on over and check me out. I'd been having very serious pain for several hours by that point. When I hit an 11 on my pain scale I was done. With no fever and a normal BP, they were sure I was just fine but there was no way in hell I was getting into a car and I really wanted to hear the "you're OK" part from a doctor. So they generously offered to take me for a ride. They said and I quote "we'll take it nice and slow". My husband followed - going 70 MPH in the dark during what could have been a monsoon it was raining so hard.
Again, long story short, I get to the ER and after being dropped onto the CT table (that was fun! I thought their training included learning how NOT to drop patients?) they found that I was filled with FLUID not air. More specifically, a raging infection. So I had emergency surgery. Traumatic moment #2. I was sure I was going to die. My husband was pretty sure, too. When doctors mention that waiting much longer would have meant a helicopter ride to a large hospital in the Puget Sound where they take the "serious" patients, you know you're in trouble.
What followed were two very hellish weeks of painful procedures and things that no new mom, or really anyone else, should have to ever go through. Traumatic moment (or weeks) #3.
During all of this the kid was at home with his dad or family during the day and our amazing doula at night. The dad and the kid visited often and family took turns babysitting so my husband could visit me without hauling around a car seat and newborn.
So that's the cliff notes version of what the heck happened and really just the tip of the iceberg. You'll have to read the book for the full story.

See how I did that? I'm drawing you in, aren't I?!! :)