Thursday, April 19, 2012

Work update

I'm just finishing up week 3 of my new job. Its going really well. There are times I wonder if I'm not catching on as quickly as others but I think overall I am - it's just a really complex job! Each meeting is opened with an icebreaker and a reflection. Today's icebreaker was a 6 word memoir. The first thought that came to mind was "Memoir now on the back burner" Since I haven't written in a while... but the one I ended up going with was "very badly bent but not broken". This is huge. Why? Because for SO long I really have felt broken. Now I just feel bent all out of shape and like I'm trying to find my way back. 

Overall the job is going well. I feel challenged and feel that I have good support and a great boss. I even have flexibility in my hours which is so nice because the day goes by so much faster for me when I get to the office at 6:30 and can leave at 3 than when I get to the office at 8 or 9 and can't leave until 5 or 6. Plus, when I have an appointment, or when G has an appointment, I can stay late to make up the hours or pull longer days to make up the difference so I don't have to use my vacation. Very nice indeed. 

I find that this company really cares about its employees and respects individuals. My boss has made comments that family comes first and job comes second. I so appreciate that. I want to be fully present in my job and to be able to do that I have to make sure my family is ok first. To have a boss that understands that is huge. 

My current project, what I was hired for, is going through a HUGE change and I'm not sure what I'll be walking into next week but I'm keeping my spirits up and know that the people I work with are all there for a common goal and we all care; about the job and about making sure we each are getting what we need fulfilled. 

So all in all good things. 

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