Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exhausted and angry

I had a really long day and I really want to go to sleep but I couldn't without getting something off my chest.

I watched Private Practice tonight (yes, I'm that behind on things) and the main storyline surrounded a woman who had killed her two children and the "doctors" on PP were helping her to defend her case because it could have been caused by Postpartum Depression.

Two things here. 1. YAY for attempting to put PPD out there 2. What a horrible awful terrible UNTRUE way of doing it! I was practically yelling at my television with "Oh please" and "That is SO UNTRUE!". I just wished that they had done their research before writing that episode.

First off, PPD mom's don't kill their kids. Moms with postpartum psychosis (extremely rare and usually happens within the first weeks after delivery) could possibly hurt their children during a psychotic episode. BUT those moms don't have rational thought processes and the mom on this episode talked out her whole thought process on why she killed her kids.

So moral of the story is that PPD was not represented on Private Practice and neither was Postpartum Psychosis because her children were 2 and 4... not the weeks (even months, at a stretch) after delivery that I mentioned above, meaning the character very well may have had a psychotic break but it is so highly unlikely that it had anything to do with postpartum issues I have a hard time even fathoming that they did any research at all before writing the episode.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not a medical professional. I'm not a doctor and I have no training in mental health. What I say is strictly my opinion based off of personal experience and a crapton of reading and discussion not only with my therapist and doctor but with other extremely knowledgeable medical peeps who DO know what they are talking about.

I just find it so frustrating that in an attempt to shine a light on PPD they pull in crap that has zero to do with PPD. That's where the lies come from. This is the type of stuff that makes PPD moms not want to speak up. Hell, even I was thinking to myself "I wonder if Jason is overhearing this and is worried I might hurt our soon to be two year old because I have PPD and am not better YET". I'm pretty sure he doesn't think that but the thought crossed my mind. I haven't been worried about other people thinking I might hurt our son or been worried about other peoples worries (if that makes any sense at all) since I was about 6 weeks postpartum and things were seriously seriously bad news. But thats what happens when misinformation is put out there -  who knows what people will do with it or how they will react to it. And by the way I have zero thoughts of ever hurting our child. As a mom with severe PPD and PTSD I never once have thought about it. Not once.

Yes, this show is a drama series and not real life, but I worry that too many people are either getting their information from these types of shows (House, too! And I'm a HUGE fan of House) or that they are impressionable enough to believe what is being discussed as fact, when in fact it is false. A piece is also just not knowing anything about PPD and when you don't know you assume whats being discussed could be a real story. Its unfortunate. PPD is very serious, as is Postpartum Psychosis and all other Postpartum Mood Disorders. I look forward to the day when these are portrayed correctly for the public to see.

There. That's my vent for now! Now? I sleep.


  1. It is such a struggle for us. We want the information out there, yet, it's often put into the mainstream media as sensationalized and misrepresented research and facts. Let's hope that this changes someday!-Lauren

  2. Thanks! PPD is more like to cause me to think of how much better off my family would be without me than the other way around.