Monday, March 5, 2012

The truth can finally be free

Obviously things have been going on lately that have been making me unhappy. I haven't felt like I could talk about what's been going on which is a hard place to be when a blog is your outlet. The job that I started in December just wasn't working out. I made the choice last week, along with my husband, that I needed to let the job go and focus on being ok with me, my family, my son.
So I gave notice and today miraculously, I had an interview that I think went pretty well. I also am going to be doing some training for my old employer this week. I think things are on the upswing now that I've moved past the job that made me so unhappy.
The other reason that the decision was moved up was last Tuesday I passed out at work, in the bathroom, and hit my head on the floor. I was out long enough that the timer for the lights went out and I woke up in the dark. I was checked out by the paramedics and Urgent Care who both said stress was a likely factor in my passing out. It scared my husband and I enough that we sat down and really started talking. The urgent care doctor asked me to take an extra day off of work to recover so I went back for Thursday and Friday and that was it.
I thought it would be difficult to leave, to actually say the words "This isn't working for me" but it wasn't. It was easy because it was the right thing to do.
So now I'm looking forward to training the rest of this week and seeing what next week brings. I should hear back from the other employer within the next two weeks and I have to believe that if I get the job that its because it is meant to be. I can't get back into a position like my last job so I'm putting my faith in the hope that I will only be offered a job I can handle.

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  1. Hi Kerissa,
    We seem to have very similar situations. I too, worked for awhile with the PTSD... It is tricky, never knowing when you will be triggered, constantly anxious. I ended up leaving work one day and going to the hospital with an extreme panic attack. I then decided that my job was not helping me get better, and that is what I needed. I am glad you are taking time for you, and by finding something that you can handle, taking care of yourself. Good luck. -Lauren (