Sunday, February 26, 2012

I was going to exercise but decided on ice cream instead...

It made sense at the time. Now that the ice cream is gone I'm wishing I'd worked out. But I had good reasoning behind my choice. A. I was hot. B. I had a headache and C. The Oscars were on. I thought hey, ice cream will cool me down and I can eat it while watching The Oscars before falling into a headache free sleep.
Headache is still here, I've ingested extra calories, didn't burn any, still have a headache and just watched an Oscar be given out for "best sound mixing". Like I care about sound mixing? I don't. Sorry if you're a sound mixer but to us regular folk it just isn't that amazing. I want to see George Clooney or some other hotness up there not some old guys thanking everyone who was ever born for allowing them to mix music.
So here I sit thinking about my Stella and Dot launch next weekend. I'm really hoping people show up and help me celebrate my business launch.
Beyond that I'm still exhausted. When I say exhausted I mean I want to go to bed at 7 exhausted. I need 11 hours of sleep and a nap exhausted. Why? Because it takes a LOT of energy to act happy when you are screaming inside. It takes a lot of energy to smile and laugh and be upbeat for the sake of those around you when you just want to crawl into a comfy bed in the dark and sleep away the difficulties that you have. But I can't just sleep life away so I fake it till I make it. Which means I'm really really tired all of the time. I really hope that soon I can figure out a way to not be screaming inside and to get the happy back. The real true not fake happy.

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