Monday, February 20, 2012

Do you ever feel like crying but the tears won't come?

That's me. I have no idea why but I am not able to cry. I'm frustrated, I'm sad, I'm confused and all I want to do is have a freaking good cry but I can't! It's so irritating. I have no idea why - it's not like I've ever had issues with crying before, trust me.
I feel like the world is moving around me and I'm stuck. I'm still and as much as I want to move and be a part of life I'm in this invisible space where no one really see's me, no one really hears me and I'm begging some higher power to help me move my feet so I can join society. And the tears won't come.
I have no plan. I feel that I've tried to do all that I can and that I am trying all I know to try. Oh, and I'm also planning on not watching TLC's shows about how people die anymore. I know, I know, you're saying "Why would you watch that?". Well, it's interesting to see how they figure out how someone died when it's not obvious. It's interesting until you discover a girl died from peritonitis because she didn't get to the hospital in time. Not. Cool. So I turned that show off never to be watched again.

So today, being a holiday, we are off to the children's museum where I am hoping for some distraction from this feeling of loneliness and frustration and to distract myself from the poor girl who died from something I had.


  1. I also feel the same....but i suppose we dont have choice...its better to share this with a friend...
    i also need a friend who understands me...if u wanna be nbijapur26 is my skype name you can add me if you want

  2. Hi, I really needed a good cry for a while now, being depressed. And watching My Sister's Keeper just did it. You can try it and you'll feel better after the release.

  3. I felt exactly the same! But my tears finally came out when I received a caring email from someone I really care about. He wrote a long email and asked me what happened to me and want to offer me help. Suddenly, my tears came out! I told him about my frustration and stress in the email. That's a great relief. I was rescued because someone I care about showed that he also cares about me when I was lonely and helpless.

  4. I also understand how you feel, and I'm relieved it's not just me. Thank you. Watching Big Hero 6 with my family helped me cry, but I'm still ironically uncomfortable showing my emotions to my family. Hopefully we can all cry when we want to soon.

  5. i want to cry so bad right now , life is horrible . Don't get me wrong in very grateful. My heart hurts every single day , its too much for me to handle , i want yo get it out .