Monday, January 16, 2012

A new adventure

Well it's official. I've started my own business through Stella and Dot. You can find me here
I've been trying to come up with a way to make a little extra money and this seems like a reasonable idea. I LOVE the jewelry and like the idea of friends hosting other friends for get togethers to look at cute, reasonable and in style jewelry. 
I found Stella and Dot by accident. I watched the movie 50/50 (super good, in my opinion, by the way) and thought I saw the therapist wearing a necklace that was given to me over the summer. I could swear it was the same one but never got a really close look at it so I wasn't sure. I mentioned it to my sister who so awesomely Googled it to find Stella and Dot. This is the necklace that looks similar to mine, but it's just different enough that I could own it and love both  Sorry for the link, the site won't let me copy and paste a picture. Anyway, I love it. 

So, my sister found this awesome site which I instantly fell in love with and thought about for days before discovering I could be a "stylist" or consultant for the company. I was onboard FAST. 
I'd love to hold a show for you and your friends and can even do online shows. If you hold a show you get some great deals, discounts and thank you pieces. It's worth its weight in gold (or silver!). 
I hope you visit the site and look at the awesomeness there is to be had. 

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  1. Woot! Good for you, Kerissa! Stella & Dot is lucky to have you :)!!!