Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Blog Win!

Ok guys, I am a part of the top 25 PPD blogs by Circle of Moms!!!!!! Now, they are asking people to vote, which would be nice (you can vote once each day) but really, just the honor of being recognized as a PPD blog that may help someone is a LOT for me and the votes, not as much. Bottom line, if you feel like voting, if you WANT to vote by all means, vote. But I will not be harassing you day in and day out with "Didja vote yet?!!" because I don't believe in harassing people you care about (or even those that you don't, come to think of it).
I've been having a really rough time lately, hence the non blogging slacker that I've been, but I hope that things are starting to look up and that blogging will be an almost daily, if not daily, occurrence.
I appreciate all of your support during my challenging times and am hopeful that things will be getting better soon.
So here's to the Top 25! GO US!

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