Saturday, December 10, 2011

The time has come

Well folks, yesterday it happened: I got a job offer. It's been SO long and I'm SO nervous but I am also so very excited for this opportunity. The time has finally come for me to go back to work. Of course I'm nervous about how it will all work - daycare, commuting (although the commute is 1/2 of what it was before), keeping my house somewhat clean, getting enough sleep... Its stressful but man am I happy to be going back to the land of adult conversation and challenging work.
OK, when I say challenging I mean like mentally challenging. Being home with G has been challenging but not in a positive way. I'm looking forward to having to use parts of my brain again that I haven't' used in a while.
I'm also looking forward to having more quality time with Gregory. I find that on the days I don't see him as much, maybe just a bit in the morning and a couple hours in the evening, that we have really quality time together instead of long days filled with not so high quality time.
I know lots of parents go back to work and lots do it way before their kiddo is 13 months old but I am feeling guilt about him being at daycare more than he is now even though I know he likes it there and he has fun when he is there. Plus, they do activities that I know he enjoys i.e. painting and making messes with colored water. But still, the guilt is there that I'm not supermom and can't do it all.
But this job offer - this is what I've been waiting for for months and months. This is why everything else didn't work out. This is the job I was meant to have and had to be patient to get. It wasn't easy but it helps to see now why waiting was so worth the frustration and tears. This job will make a difference in so many ways...


  1. yay! congratulations!! that is really exciting! what will you be doing?

  2. That is great doll! Congrats! Oh don't feel bad that you need you time and your baby needs him time. You'll both benefit with your time away and your time apart. You already know that. Have fun at the new job!