Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's out there

Yesterday I sent off my first four chapters to a select four individuals with the goal of getting feedback on my writing before I query an agent. So far I've gotten one positive response which gives me hope that what I'm writing is quality and worth your time.
I've been quiet lately because I've been struggling with finding a balance between home and well, home. Not having much on my plate is stressful. I've been reaching out for volunteer opportunities that will connect me with real people so that I'm not so lonely during the days but living an  hour away from most of my friends and family is difficult, to say the least.
I know I posted on this topic already so I won't go into much detail but I know the solution to my issues is human contact. Finding that is the tricky part. Yesterday it was a lengthy trip to Safeway to buy milk and orange juice - it took 45 minutes, by choice, round trip. It was my only time out of the house and around people over the age of 13 months.
I'm still searching and have to believe the right job is out there and the right situation will come along for me. It's been a rough year but things have to get better. They just have to.
I decided last night to send off the first pages of my book as a step in the "I'm really doing this" direction. This book is me. Its my heart and soul and to have it out there, even in the hands of four people I deeply trust is like a looking glass into my pain. It's hard to share. It's making me wonder if I can really share this with the world - but I took the first step in sending it to just four people. Hopefully the feedback will be positive from all and I can move forward with finding an agent.
I'll keep you updated on the agent track : )

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