Sunday, November 20, 2011

I need to lose 40 pounds.

I've posted here before that I lost a significant amount of weight after my kiddo was born. I gained quite a bit during my pregnancy even with watching everything I ate plus exercising. I've lost it all plus about 25 pounds. But I'd like to lose more. Now that I have my appetite back (for the most part), it is more challenging than it was before.
I'm overweight. According to my BMI I have been for my entire adult life. I need to lose 36 pounds to be in the "healthy" range. That's my goal. I would really like to start working out more on our elliptical and am considering joining Weight Watchers.
I'm not happy with how I look - the scars are a big part of that, but I know I could be happier with the rest of me. Its time to make some changes folks. Awesome time to try to lose weight huh? Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas is just around the corner. Go. Me.
Any and all thoughts and encouragement accepted :)


  1. I had the same thoughts the other day! Great time to start a diet... but its totally do-able. Weight Watchers is pretty awesome - I lost 35 pounds with WW after my twins were born. I just did the online version and used the phone app to track points. Good luck!!

  2. you can do it!! i'm sure you know how to lose weight but as far as i'm concerned, the best way is watching what you eat, you can exercise till the cows come home (it IS good for you) but it won't make you lose weight. it's easy for me to say but wasn't so easy for me to do when i was overweight, i have depression to thank for my weight loss, i'd rather be heavier than skinny and depressed though. anyway, that turned into a bit of a bummer, sorry. i'm sure you can do it if you're really dedicated to it and remember, skinny doesn't necessarily mean healthy, good luck!!

  3. You can do it! You've gotten so far already, it is quite amazing and such a feat! I wish we lived close and could be walking buddies. Be sure not to obsess over the numbers and take your time. Let me know how WW is if you try it.

  4. I feel the same way. I would like to lose 40-50 lbs. I am an emotional eater and I have had a lot of stress in the last couple years and I think it is "cute", when people on facebook message me saying, "You look great!" and I want to throw up in my mouth a little. It is time for me to feel as though I look great too. I have no interest in crash dieting or starving myself. I would to start treating my body well and using food as fuel rather than comfort. A big part of what I don't like about my body is my squishy belly after having my first baby. I realize that it is a part of my history, but it isn't pretty. I have a feeling that if I feel better about the rest of my body, I will obesess less about the parts I don't like right now.

    I am also discouraged by starting this journey at this time of year, but when you are ready, you are ready and distractions have a quieter voice. I am sending you my best. Of all people, I know you can do this. I think you have proven to yourself that you are stonger than you realized. I see no reason that you can't do it. So...You can do this, Kerissa. Go, you!

  5. I have all the confidence in the world in you.
    You proved that you can lose already did. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!!


  6. Weight Watcher's totally rocks. I know so many people who have had great success with their programs. Kerissa, thanks for all you do!