Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet and Greet

I'm sitting here at 4:30 Seattle time and am a tad early for the conference this morning so I'll quickly tell you about last night.

I'm shy. It was hard.

I think that sums it up nicely. I met 4 women who are similar to me as in they are introverts so we kind of stuck together and had some snacks and a diet coke or two. But it was hard. Meeting strangers and talking to them is just not my thing.
The conference starts this morning at 8:30 (but breakfast starts at 8 and I'm STARVING) so I think I'm going to head down early to see if I can grab food. I actually got room service last night because it was so late and I was so tired but since I hadn't had much to eat I felt full really quickly so I didn't eat much and then 2 hours later I was starving. Again. And, I was too tired to sleep, actually. Instead of going to bed at 8:30, as I'd planned, I was awake until well after 11.
To sum things up for today: I'm nervous about meeting all the new peeps, I'm hungry, I'm exhausted, my left eye is red because I attempted to wear contacts last night after being up since 3:30am, I'm hungry. Wait, I already said that one but seriously, starving here folks.
So off I go to listen to smart people tell me how to be smarter about this book writing bit.


  1. How did today go? It's always interesting to see how travel affects our hunger. Hope you got some food in you!

  2. kerissa

    it was lovely to meet you at BlogHer (i am the english one on your table at the 11AM session who was "being incognito" and not sure what name to use as i was sort of there for the Day Job and sort of there as "team gloria" anyway - wanted to connect with you here to say that your blog is Beautiful and Honest and truly moving - glad that you are writing through the pain.we did the same thing through a (different form of) illness and it really helps.

    hang in there lady ;-)

    glad you made the trip to BlogHer and hope you returned to seattle with some new friends.

    _team gloria xx