Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm back

SO... the conference went really well. I enjoyed almost all of it. I only missed the last few minutes due to a headache, which, I attribute to lack of sleep. Getting up at 3:30 am two days in a row with only 5-6 hours in between will do that to a girl who requires 8 solid hours of sleep to function.
I learned a lot, got to know some amazing women, and learned that I'm not alone when I say "HUH?!" to an agent's "how to submit a query" description that is 14 pages long. It was nice to find myself in a survival boat with a few ladies who had the ability to make things a lot more fun.
My favorite section was when we got to speak in small groups to the pro's. I was put into a Memoir group who's pro was a non-fiction editor. It was awesome. She was super nice and gave it to us straight. I so appreciate that. I don't want fluff when I need a solid answer. She was good. She also made it clear that the books that get picked up can be about anything: as long as the writing is phenomenal and can make her WANT to read about something that is usually boring or that she knows nothing about.
I also appreciated that the women in different groups all had business cards we could trade. It made me happy to know that my cards were finding nice homes. Overall I'd give the conference 8/10. There was one session that I found misleading - I thought when I signed up for "alternatives to traditional publishing" that we'd be discussing SELF publishing. Nope. We were talking movies and comics. Not exactly info I needed. I don't think my story will ever be a comic OR a movie but hey, if someone has skill enough to make a movie out of what I write I'd like Ginnifer Goodwin to play me please. I heart her. And, if I lost like 50 pounds I might even look like her if you were standing way far back and took a picture that was out of focus.
I got a lot of advice, tons of new websites to check out and new friends were made. My cup is full for the moment and it feels oh so nice.
For those who didn't make it to the writers conference I'd be happy to share more: Email me!

#1 tip: Writing needs to be OUT OF THIS WORLD, extraordinary, spectacularly amazing to get picked up by a traditional publisher. I thought it just had to be super duper so the above is important for me to remember.

P.S. I mentioned a while back that my "plan b" was to take a lot of klonapin if necessary. I am happy to report that I did not need plan B or C!
P.P.S The flight home was way better than the flight to NYC - until the last 20 minutes coming into Seattle when things got really really REALLY bumpy and the newer of the flight attendants started sweating bullets and told the head attendant she was going to go "buckle up". The head girl was all "oh yeah, you should. It's about to get a lot worse". I almost reached for the klonapin then but instead I focused on not freaking out. And it worked. I rock at "deep breathing" a.k.a. hyperventilating while focusing and with intent to calm one's self quickly.

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