Monday, October 31, 2011


Now that we have a 1 year old we also have something else: "Last year at this time"'s.

Last year at this time I was dressing my newborn in a newborn size glow in the dark skeleton sleeper (that the husband picked out). The one that I was SURE would never fit any child of mine because really, would I have a baby less than 8 pounds? I was pretty sure that was impossible. One of just a handful of things I've been wrong about. He was 7.13 at birth and lost weight from there (the allowed 10% before the mandatory formula feed). So by day 2 he was just over 7 pounds.
Last year at this time I was still in pain but the real sh*t hadn't hit the proverbial fan yet. I'd even sent my husband home for the outfit I was sure would be A. too small and B. that we'd be home in time to wash it before he wore it. Since I was wrong (again?) on both accounts, Jason had to go home to wash and dry the sleeper and set out candy for the trick-or-treaters (AKA teenage boys who take the whole bowl in a few swoops).
Last year at this time I was pretty sure that I'd be headed home very soon. Wrong wrong wrong. Man, I'm learning a lot about myself. I'm wrong more often than I thought! Take note, Jas- this doesn't happen often.

This year I drove around a screaming toddler. Never. Again. He was cute but screaming is just not cute. I'm sorry, it just isn't cute on any child. Even a baby giraffe. I'm pretty sure that a full day of daycare with a one hour nap is the culprit in the scream fest that was my car. I'm hoping tomorrow is better. Tomorrow is "test" day. More on that, well, tomorrow.

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