Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gregory's Birthday Gift

Gregory received a LOT of great gifts but the best gift came at bedtime and it was for me, not him. He was screaming. He was exhausted and sugared up beyond all comprehension and the boy who hates to snuggle just wanted someone to cuddle him.
So I did. And he let me. And then he fell asleep while I rocked him...which never happens. I mean never.
It was the perfect way to end such a stressful day. I have hard weeks ahead of me. I know that. I'm working hard to not think about things that happened and am trying SO hard to be positive. But deep down my gut says the coming weeks are going to be a challenge.
So, Gregory wanting and needing comfort and allowing me to be that comfort? Just what I needed to feel like a good momma during a rough time.

Thank you G-man for the greatest gift you could give to your momma on your first birthday.

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  1. Precious :) :) Aren't those moments just amazing?!