Monday, October 3, 2011


I wanted to share a quick post about a fabulous group of women that, in my mind, all mom's should at least consider: a Doula.
I thank God that we spent the money to have a doula there for Gregory's birth. She spent hours and hours of prep time with us, we had her phone number and texted her as needed for information or to give updates. She was there the morning I was induced and when the talk of a C-section came up she asked all the medical professionals to leave the room so we could make a decision without their influence.
She was in the delivery room taking pictures of Gregory's birth - again, thank God, because I was out and therefore missed the entire birth. 

She stayed with us while I came somewhat out of anesthesia, she helped me ask to have my son skin to skin (which I don't remember but we have video of me telling her what I needed and her helping me get it) and that I wanted to try to feed him (also, I don't remember). She was an advocate for us when we were in very unfamiliar territory.
The deal we had with Tonya was that we were in charge, she'd be there for back up. That we might not use her at all if things were going spectacularly. But they didn't. We needed her help from the very beginning it seems.
Doulas have a calming influence, can provide information (not advice!) when the talk of a procedure comes up. They have the knowledge to help you understand what the doctors are saying and give an opinion as to if they agree or if it’s worth asking to try something else first; they give you all of the options - even ones the doctors may not have offered you.
The information for Tonya’s website is on the left hand side of my screen. I also listed information about DONA, where you can get more information about Doulas as well as a way to look for one in your area.
I can't say enough of how grateful we are that we chose to have a doula present. I'm not sure what we would have done without her.  

As a quick note: Doula's don't come in and take over. They aren't in charge – it’s the opposite. You tell them what works best for you; you tell them what you need, you tell them when you just need your spouse to rub your back or shoulders. You tell them when you need quiet time alone. Doula's are on your side. They work for you, not the hospital, not the doctor. They have no agenda. If your birth takes 36 hours (bless you if it does!) they'll be there.
Anyway, so there you go. Doulas are just women helping women (and spouses) get through an experience a little more comfortably and they are SO worth it.

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  1. Enjoy your post! We had Tonya at both of our girls birth ! I could not imagine going thur all the delivery process with out Doula Tonya ! She is amazing!