Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book update

I've decided to put the book on hold for the next couple of weeks while I work on a synopsis before heading to NYC to the writers conference. I want to have something to show what I've done so far, the goals for the book, who might be interested in purchasing it, etc.
Even though it is short and sweet, and not a true proposal, it has to be shiny and pretty and perfect. No mistakes allowed - which means I can't edit it myself. I'm a rock star at editing other people's work, but when it comes to my own I have a tendency to miss a few things.
Anyway, I'll be working on that plus I'm actually starting a role in Jason's (well our) business. I'm the VP. I'm pretty sure I'm important, even if there are only 2 employee's and he's the CEO, and we haven't made a dime... This means writing up a bio on me and my skills as well as finding an awesome picture to put on the site.
If you haven't visited his site yet, you should. He built the site from scratch (being the coding master that he is!) and it's awesome. Seriously. Plus, right now you can follow his site and get free start up information. The amount of time it's "free" will be short and sweet so get what you can while this free thing lasts!!

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