Monday, October 10, 2011

A birthday boy

Gregory turns 1 on the 29th. I'm hoping and praying I can get through the day without triggers or falling apart. We invited people that supported us through this first year; the people who kept us going. Support that was directly for me, just for Jason, or for those that helped both of us. It was a really rough and sucky year. I'm hoping that the next year will be MUCH better.
We bought his birthday outfit yesterday (my dad would say boys don't wear outfits. I beg to differ), plus a onesie that he can change into for the cake smashing. Oh yes, there will be cake smashing. No worries, I got cake for everyone else who doesn't want to eat a destroyed cake.
I can't believe its been almost a year. It blows me away how fast the year went since there were times it crawled from minute to minute. It was a tough year. I'm ready for it to be over and hopefully start anew.
I just realized that today is the day I was hoping to go into labor one year ago exactly. 10/10/10 would have been his birthday. How awesome would that be?! I even ate eggplant parmesan trying to get things moving. I walked until I couldn't walk anymore. Nothing worked but he was born when he was meant to be born. Before Halloween (if just) which meant his birthday parties wouldn't be doomed to Halloween taking over every year. I say if he WANTS to have a Halloween party more power to ya but I want his parties to be about him. Celebrating his birthday, not necessarily celebrating a holiday that happens to be 2 days later.
Happy 19 days to go until your first birthday little man!

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