Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why not being able to breastfeed seriously sucks.

Today, MSNBC decided to post this lovely article, and reminded me how crappy of a parent some people must see me as.
I have so many issues with this article. Mainly because some moms try everything in their power and CANT breast feed. God forbid the hospital provide formula for starving infants who's moms just can't produce what they need. My kiddo dropped 10% of his weight in about 2 days and had acid crystals in his urine from dehydration. He wasn't getting nutrition OR fluids at the rate I was producing. Holding off on giving him formula would have been damaging to him.
I cried the first time the lactation nurse told me that I really had to give him the formula - I wanted to breastfeed gosh darn it! But more than that I wanted a baby that was satisfied and clearly I couldn't do that so I agreed in between tears.
This type of article is belittling to moms. "Baby friendly" hospitals. May I ask what they do if mom's aren't producing? CAN"T produce milk? Then what? I swear to the high heavens if someone dares leave a comment about milk sharing I'll rip my hair out. What more of a way to say you are a failure at being a mom so here, let someone else do what you can't. I personally take offense to that. Formula has come a long way. Yes, breast is best, but second best is formula and third best is NOT CARING BECAUSE IT'S NOT YOUR KID!!!
Suggesting that hospitals are doing more harm than good is an over exaggeration. Many hospitals try to get mom's to breastfeed. Is it their fault that some moms "give up" or realize that their baby is screaming 23 hours a day out of hunger? No. Giving samples of formula doesn't mean a mom will say oh well, lets just give in. Have you SEEN the price of formula? I mean come on here folks - a formula sample isn't going to make or break breastfeeding.
Families and partners that are not supportive, inadequate milk supply, emergency surgery for insane infections - all reasons that mom's are forced to give up the one thing that only they, as mothers, can do for their babies. And when a mom can't? These type of articles make them feel as big as an ant getting ready to be stomped all over; and then lit on fire just to make sure they're really dead.
Look people, we all know breast is best. We all know the WHO suggests it until age 2. Whatever. I say the recommendation should say "breastfeed if you can, but if you can't find another way to FEED your BABY".
I'm obviously still grieving the loss of breastfeeding, but I have a child who takes formula in his bottles, who is smart and doing well. He's perfectly proportioned for height (90%) and weight (between 25 and 30%) and sure, he gets colds and ear infections - as do so many breastfed babies who aren't raised in bubbles.
Ok, that's all. I just wanted to say that seriously MSNBC. NOT HELPFUL.

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  1. i was formula fed, my daughter was formula fed and we are both very healthy!