Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What are you up to today?

I'm starting physical therapy on my knee. I've been compensating for my lack of core muscles with, evidently, my left knee. It gives out from time to time which isn't pleasant and hurts like heck by the end of each day (well my whole body does, but you know what I mean). Ice and heat have zero effect, as did the 9 Advil I was prescribed to take for abdominal pain plus the knee. So I decided enough was enough and asked for a PT rx.
I'm hoping that the new PT office will help me work on my core muscles as well as help me heal my knee.
Oh, and I'm frustrated up the wazoo with Costco Photo. Every time I select photos to upload (which takes a while - I have to go through them all and pick which ones I like) it sits there NOT uploading. I click upload again and nothin'. I'm starting to think that I should go with Snapfish or some other online ordering because Costco has failed me 3 days in a row.
I have jobs to apply for, a gift to mail, and if there is time, possibly, a nap. So far this morning I got up at 6:30, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes, did a load of laundry, fed the kid, took a shower (always a bonus!) and played for 2 hours before feeding the kid again and attempting to put him down for a nap. I am currently listening to him jump up and down in his crib... Lord help us all. I don't think he's ready for nap time even though the eye rubbing and yawning tell me otherwise.
I'm trying to get up earlier and earlier to adjust so if/when I get a job I'll be able to get up with no issue at an earlier time. So far I'm exhausted every night by 7:30. Not a great sign, but oh well.
So that's me today. Hopefully today will continue to be a good day. I see the new doc tomorrow and hope she is awesome. Wish me luck!

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