Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Questions on how to donate to the Writers Conference answered.

I've had several people ask me how "chipin" works, where the link is and what happens with the money. This is by no means a call for cash, just answering some general questions.

The link is directly to the left. If you click on the "BlogHer Writers Conference" it will take you to my ChipIn page for the conference. This will give you the chance to donate if you wish or just get updates as I go along.

The money is then transferred from ChipIn to Paypal, which is how I receive it.

Since the trip has been planned and I'm taking a huge JUMP of faith (no longer do I consider it a mere leap), all funds will be used for the trip to NYC next month.

*Thank you to all who have donated and also to those who can't but are supporting me emotionally. I know what its like to want to give to someones goal but not having the funds to do so.

And to those who'd rather donate to a real charity - thank you, too. Charities are in need of financial contributions and as a former non-profit employee I totally understand and respect your choices.

Love to all!

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