Friday, September 30, 2011

I just realized I never posted a picture of me with my new glasses.

This picture was taken at the Welcome Party before my sister's wedding. It's a cheesy smile, but you can see the glasses.

Here is our little family after the wedding. Gregory was SO tired - he got up early, and then had no naps, which is why there is no smile from him. I can wear contacts, but I have a serious dry eye problem which makes it difficult meaning I wear the glasses 90% of the time. I didn't want glasses in the wedding pictures though so I wore the contacts the entire day. I paid for it later.

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  1. very cute! i wear glasses, not sure what your eye problem is but there is an awesome site called zenni optical where prescription glasses start at $6.95/pair, i LOVE it and will probably never get glasses from anywhere else again. check it out (i do NOT get paid by them or anything, i'm just a HUGE advocate since glasses are so expensive normally):