Monday, August 15, 2011

A must read - Seriously. Read it.

This article has been floating around on Facebook and Twitter, but I HAVE to share it here. It's so important. And SO needed. I wish that there was such a place in the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully someday there will be funding for a clinic such as this in the Puget Sound. It is more than important that we have facilities specially trained to work with moms and babies during such a difficult time.
PPD is NOT like regular depression. It is very different and needs to be treated differently. A facility that reaches out to moms and babies - priceless.
Kuddo's to the University of North Carolina for creating such a place. PPD moms don't belong on the same ward as individuals going through other mental health crises. PPD mom's are fragile and need gentle, loving care - not inpatient psychiatric wards filled with individuals with whom they have nothing in common.
Of course, if necessary, I'm all for hospitalization for the safety of moms and babies, but to have units just for PPD... I just don't know what else to say. If there had been one in Seattle at the time I was in crisis mode I would have hands down said take me there. But I knew that if I was willing to sign up for any sort of inpatient treatment, I wouldn't be getting my needs filled. In my situation, home was the best option I had. Had there been a PPD unit here I think things may have gone differently.
Read the article. It's more than worth your 5 minutes.

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