Monday, August 22, 2011

Man how things have changed

Tonight I had to laugh out loud which, by the way, is therapeutic.

A year ago at this time I was very pregnant (like someone can be just a little bit pregnant?), working an 8-5 job and hanging out with Jason as he'd recently graduated from his MBA program meaning he was finally home 5 nights a week.

Today I wrote a chapter  that focused on my time in the hospital, sent out resumes (crossing fingers!) and emailed 3 authors asking questions about the processes they went through in writing their memoirs and one specific email asking for contact information for a co-author of several books I've read and liked but who for the life of me I can't find an email address for.

A year ago I was feeling pretty upbeat about life and how things were going. I had a plan of action and felt confident about the decisions I'd made for childcare and when I would return to work. Little did I know.

Today I pushed down negative feelings about where I'm at, how I'm doing and how everything that has happened has so greatly affected my family.

It's like a different universe that I'm living in. Emailing authors asking for help and information? Who am I?!

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