Saturday, August 27, 2011

20 reasons on why I'm lucky

Everything that happened to me was awful. Plain and simple. But, even though it took me a while to see it, below are some of the reasons I know I'm one of the lucky ones:

1. We only listened to the doctors on-call for so long before making our own call -  to 911.
2. We got to the hospital and there was no wait time for me to be seen.
3. They were able to actually fix the problem. It was a painful fix, but it was a fix that got me home.
4. I didn't die (maybe this should be #1?)
5. I had family with me 24/7 every single day I was hospitalized except for maybe one or two hours total and only towards the end when I was feeling more comfortable and confident.
6. Our doula was available to help during the night while my husband was home alone so he was able to get sleep before coming back to the hospital.
7. My husband's work gave him paid time off during our family crisis so he could stay with me.
8. My mom or Alisa was available to help me out every single day after I was released until other plans were made (daycare, etc) and I still get 1 full day of help in the middle of each week.
9. We found awesome childcare that was willing to work with us so I could have a mental break for several hours each week.
10. I found the best therapist in the PNW for PPMD who has been an incredible support.
11. I found an awesome support group that has brought me a very long way.
12. I have family in the area. And I like them. I've heard many many stories from women who don't have family living near them or they don't get along. So this alone makes me lucky.
13. We struggle to make ends meet but can pay our bills and put food on the table.
14. When we've needed financial help we've had generous offers from family (who we are hell bent on paying back, by the way).
15. Every time I think I just can't take anymore I find a way to dig deeper and try a little harder.
16. I have a very supportive husband who is willing to make multiple sacrifices on my path to getting better.
17. Gregory is most likely going to be our only child. He's cute and awesome. That's more than lucky.
18. Gregory is the best sleeper under the age of 5 that we know. He goes down like clockwork every night at 7, gets up once, maybe twice during the night for a bottle and then sleeps until 7:30 or 8 every morning. In his crib.
19. I have wonderful people continuing to work to help me heal physically and emotionally -even 10 months later.
20. I have the bestest dog a girl could ask for (except for that one time when he ate clumping kitty litter, but we don't need to go there right now because that was NOT lucky. But it WAS lucky we were able to help him at home and he's ok now).

So there you go. My top 20 reasons why I'm lucky.

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