Sunday, July 3, 2011


This is the official launch of! Yay! I've finally made the decision to write a book about my experience with Postpartum PTSD, and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.
In the last eight months since my son was born I have done endless searching, desperately seeking to find someone, anyone, whom I could connect with on my level. While there are some amazing support groups and blogs about PPD and PTSD and there are mountains of books on PPD, I could find no book on first hand experiences with Postpartum PTSD. What I did find were clinical books written for mental health professionals with not even a full chapter on, and minimal information about, the impact of traumatic birth.
My experiences during and after the birth of my son are unique and thankfully the majority of moms won't relate to what I write. But for the ones who do, I feel that my book will be an invaluable source of comfort that they are not alone in their trauma.
My goal is to have a first draft finished by June of 2012; a hefty goal indeed. I would love to have my book professionally published but, of course, as a first time writer I have no idea how to go about the process!
This blog will follow my day to day realizations as I work through the development of writing my story, as well as my distractions - like my son doing something cute that I feel the need to share or my frustration with hitting a wall in my writing.
In the description of this blog, I use the words "my journey of writing a book". I chose these words because as much as I believe this book will be a valuable resource for other hurting moms, I also fully believe that the process of writing this book has the possibility of changing me as much as the first hand experience - which altered me to my core.
I will be writing this book as much for myself, my own healing, and the healing of my family as I am to help others. Wish me luck on this adventure!

P.S. I'm comma happy, so to the person who ends up editing my book, I apologize. :)

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  1. Good Luck Kerissa!! I'm so excited for you and I hope this is theraputic for you as well.