Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's Working!

I started a new medicine last week. I didn't want to add another one into the mix because I was already taking 19 different prescriptions (OK, maybe an over-exaggeration, but not by much). I guess the real number was 6 but still. 6. 6 is a lot and doesn't include vitamins. So I bet you can imagine why I wasn't all "OK, lets add one more!!". But, my psychiatrist finally talked me into trying it (after 8 months of push back by no other than my lovely self) and I started something new.
And folks, I'm here to tell you its working. You want to know how I know? Because I have not fallen apart. I lie. I had one quickie meltdown in the car on the way back from finding out my kid has not just one but TWO horrible ear infections which got worse/started while he was already on an antibiotic for one medium ear infection.
He has superpowers. I wish he didn't.
Seriously though, one 5 minute tear session because I was sure this was all my fault due to my failure at breastfeeding (a super fun story for another time!) is like nothing compared to what I was expecting. Plus, I actually slept last night. Also not what I was expecting. And this was following Tuesday night when I got maybe 2.5 hours of sleep which for me is not good. I'm a sleep whore. I need a solid 8 hours or I'm useless to the world. And if I could manage, I'd probably sleep 12.
So I'm here to tell you that for maybe the 8th time in my entire life - I was wrong. You can ask my husband, but I'm hardly ever wrong :)
So yay! No I suck at life post for you!! Sorry if that's what you were hoping for - I know how much fun those must be to read. I feel hopeful tonight and that is something that doesn't happen often so I'll take it.
I'm off to bed now. Tonight I worked on the book, finally typed up the outline (it wasn't easy trying to read my 3am chicken scratch writing on decorated note paper from 6 weeks ago), and semi cleaned the office. I'm feeling 100% better than I did yesterday and it's only partly due to my awesome newly tinted car windows. Try not to be jealous.
Oh, and one more thing: exaggeration has lost all meaning to me. While trying to figure out how to spell it, it became one of those words that I repeated enough in my head (and possibly out loud) trying to sound it out that it now has zero meaning. Awesome! EXAGERATION. Nope. EXAGGERATION. YES!

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